• Why,Why should I trust you.

-Zacktan to Icarax.


Zacktan began as merely a small Matoran in the Matoran Universe. Being adventurous he spent much of his time looking for ways to become a Toa. His dreams became true when he discovered a Toa Stone deep underneath his village. Unfortunately he was not fit to be a hero, for he was weak and selfish. In his anger against his fellow Matoran he searched the universe for a way to make himself more powerful. Eventually he met with the Brotherhood of Makuta member Icarax. He offered the Toa ultimate power and energy, as long as he did a few favors for the Makuta. The Toa lied knowing that he would never work for the brotherhood, but Icarax caught on with his Kanohi mask of truth. Icarax gave him and Antidermis Stone, which looks exactly like a toa stone, and told him that it would give him ultimate power. The stone reversed and removed all of the Toa's powers except for elemental light. This left him as nothing but a Av-Matoran. Although this left him scared, he wasn't ready to give up. Zacktan travelled to Voya Nui in search of the mask of life. He got there at the very moment that the Toa Mahri released the island from the cord, causing Zacktan to fall in the ocean and mutate into a strange creature. With his new powers he became even more selfish than ever before, and began to call himself a Master of Toa. (edit byThe last chronicler 11:13, 22 December 2008 (UTC)) This is a mini page so I'll show you only the powers,set information,Weapons,Trivia.


In set terms he was very weak for a being, but because of his mutation he gained the strength level of 19, only one point off from the max. (edit byThe last chronicler 11:13, 22 December 2008 (UTC))

Set Information

It is a cool set it includes double squid launcher sea plants and a claw.This set doesn't have a decorated box only a normal one.This is from the Master of Toa set and i'm going to show youSet Information about Matoran Zacktan It has 2 mini red sticky swords. They really stick.It is like 4 or 5 inches tall


He has a sea plant, twin Squip launcher,and a claw.He throws a claw and it hits enemies from far away.He tancles enemies with the sea plant.He throws the squids with his squid launcher.


  • In Matoran he is to little he is the smallest set of all.
  • When he first became Toa he didn't had any blasters only swords and wands.
  • Master of Toa Zacktan became the biggest set of all sets
  • We're planning to make a movie in 2011 about Zacktan and Jaller is going to act in the movie.

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