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Group Brotherhood of Makuta, Order of the Great Creators
Element Shadow
Powers Kraata powers
Kanohi Taiku
Tools Cordak Blaster, Tridax Pod
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation ZAK-on

Zakkond was the Makuta of Takiw Nui and member of the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Zakkond, like all Makuta, once worked solely on creating new Rahi.

Spherus Magna

After the death of Teridax, Zakkond migrated with everyone in the Matoran Universe to Spherus Magna. He, knowing that he was not going to be accepted by his past actions, decided to live alone and settled in a cave. On one occasion, his cave was invaded by Deriahk, Frustrator and Vilrohk, who requested information about a Glatorian named Ganiaz. Zakkond later revealed all he knew.

Some time later, Frustrator returned to his shelter and revealing his true identity as Makuta Pakark. Zakkond immediately attacked and a fierce battle started between the two Makuta, but the fight was interrupted by a Skakdi who appeared through a dimensional portal. The Skakdi teleported him and Pakark accidentally to an alternate universe.

Zakkond and Pakark then were abandoned by Vezon, without any possibility of returning to their world. While analyzing the area they were surprised by an alternate version of Cronuk and after interrogating a trap was activated. Cronuk fell into the trap and an alternate Bedurox presented himslef, explaining that in his world the Alpha Beings were tyrannical leaders and that he was part of a resistance. Zakkond and Pakark were led to Le-Metru and presented to the resistance leader, Tahkod, and agreed to join the team in exchange for them to be returned to their world. Zakkond and Pakark went to the Coliseum and stormed a security meeting leaded by Mersny. Tahkod took the distraction and then killed the leader of the empire and then proclaimed himslef as the new leader.

However, before Tahkod could consolidate his rule, Vavakx appeared and gave a speech intended to stop the dictatorship. The other Alpha Beings accepted Vavakx as their new leader and then Tahkod was killed. Vavakx then opened a dimensional portal for Pakark and Zakkond.

Abilities and Traits

Zakkond is considered by most as nasty, even by the members of his own species. He is very vindictive towards those who despises and has a tendency to treat others unjustly coming up with excuses. Zakkond is known for his arrogant attitude and his low tolerance. At first, Zakkond appeared to be a stereotypical villain with no feelings, but it was soon found that he is an emotionally tortured Makuta and that is not as evil as he appears.

Zakkond can produce Kraata, and by extension Rahkshi. He is also a shapeshifter by nature. He has many special power including Elemental Shadow and the ability to absorb other beings to grow in size, strength and power.

Mask and Tools

Zakkond wears the Kanohi Taiku, Mask of Poison.

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