GroupFour Great Brothers
KanohiKromi, Mask of Memory
ColorsYellow, Purple
LocationMetru Nui

Zalayon was one of the Four Great Brothers and the first one of them to be killed.


Zalayon was created by the Great Beings in the time before time, to protect the link of the Four Great Lands with the other Four Great Brothers. His land was Metru Nui, where he worked secretly in the Archives. Only few Matoran have seen him, Matoran who have got lost in the deepest level of the Archives. Zalayon has rescued them and brought them secretly back to the surface, using his mask power to erase the memory about getting lost into the Archives from the rescued Matoran.

Zalayon was the first member of the Four Great Brothers to be killed by his enemy. Zalayon was easy to kill, because he had received no warning. Morphy was the one who tracked him down in the Archives and killed him mercilessly. Before his death, Zalayon sent a telepathic message to Trasder, warning him.

Abilities and Traits

Zalayon had teleporting powers, but he could only teleport others and objects, not himself. He also posessed telepathic abilities.

Mask and Tools

Zalayons mask was Kromi, the Mask of Memory which abled him to remember almost anything of his own past, as well as alter others's memories.

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