Species Toa
Group Toa Fulmin
Kanohi Kiril
Colors Black, Silver
Element Gravity
Occupation Leader of the Toa Fulmin
Tools Gravity Staff
Pronunciation Zeh-ckt-tlaa

Toa Zectla is the leader of the Toa Fulmin.


The Toa Fulmin came into being on Voronui, since the island had no Toa to protect it. They protected Matoran from local threats, like Rahi, and recently, came to fight the Matoran army made by Makuta Enorak. Due to the combined activity of Makuta Oquanti, Harong, Makuta Enorak, and Reidak the Toa Fulmin will soon be more active - about ten times more active.


Toa Zectla is one of the smartest Toa on the team. He is under pressure from his teammates, but not very much: their 'Destiny Mission' has not come yet - the Blade of Essence has not yet been crafted. On some days, Zectla will get very tired at the end and sleep for 10 hours. This annoys his teammates, but not himself.

Powers and Tools

Zectla has a Gravity Staff, which can channel his gravity element. He wears the Kanohi Kiril, the Mask of Regeneration.

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