Zenta was a Ta-matoran former Maskmaker in Kohonga City, and former teacher at Tapio's Original Homeland. He also has an adventurous past.

May - December 012
Kanohipowerless Hau
LocationAt sea


Zenta lived in Kohonga City. His father forged masks near the border of the City. Zenta came from a poor family, that lived in a rundown hut near the city. Years later, Zenta took became a Mask Maker. Zenta left home and traveled across the the Matoran Universe.

After his traveling, he became a teacher at the temple on the island Feritanaya. While at the temple, Zenta found the corpes of Lottie behind a Toa Suva, and decided to investigate the Matoran's death. Using a security carmara that was on the roof, Zenta found that "some Motoran younglings were fighting on the roof" when the girl, Lottie, fell off and died. Zenta decided to turn the investigation over to the Toa.

2 weeks later, Zenta resigned from his job as a teacher, and decided to travel back to his homeland. but before leaving, a former teacher named Serwa lied to Zenta that Tapio was responsible for the destruction of Bio-Land to get revenge on Tapio. However, Zenta didn't believe him. Later a po-matoran named Aino came to tell him and everyone else that Teridax had taken over the Matoran Universe. He then rented a small boat and set off to the sea of protodermis, sailing back to Bio-Land.

After sailing for days across the ocean of liquid protodermis, Zenta's ship sprung a leak, and was now sinking. Before he could abandon ship, it plunged into the ocean, carrying the Ta-matoran along with it! He escaped the sinking ship, but was then attacked by a giant squid. Fortunately, Zenta rescued by a group of Dark Hunters, and was then nursed back to health.

Zenta travelled to the newly formed mountain of Kowa where he lived until The Melding occured. Whether Zenta decided to stay on Kowa or move elsewhere on Spherus Magna remains unknown.

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